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Episode 46: Why Directories Still Rank Well in 2019

Why Directories Still Rank Well in 2019

Episode 45: The Halloween Episode and Scary SEO Projects We had to Kill

The Halloween Episode and Scary SEO Projects We had to Kill

Episode 44: 5 Tips for Ranking for Near Me Searches in 2019 (and probably 2020) Episode

Paul Warren and Ryan Klein give 5 great tips to rank for near me searches so you can dominate the map pack in 2019 along with organic search results.

Episode 43: The Past, Present and Future of Link Building

Paul Warren and Ryan Klein discuss where link building has been and how we expect it to evolve for SEO in 2020 and beyond.

Episode 42: We Discuss Structured Data with Huckabuy CEO Geoff Atkinson

We brought Geoff Atkinson to the cast!  Paul was say Atkins the first two times for the record, but maybe the podcast was cutting out.  Who knows.  Geoff had a ton of success taking Overstock’s SEO channel from 0 to 300 mil back in the day before it faltering from some Google penalties.  Now he is heavy-duty on structured data, and after this cast, you’ll see why it may be a part of your upcoming marketing plan front and center.
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Episode 40: We Respond to SEO Spam Emails

Finally, someone that wasted hours finding out what happens when you respond to a ton of spam emails for SEO, social, and websites.
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Episode 41: Expert SEO Matthew Woodward Joins Us

Our guest is SEO Expert Matthew Woordward, coming from overseas to drop some knowledge on this American SEO community.  It was a great show and though there weren’t any particular deep dives on this podcast almost hitting an hour (one of our longest) there are plenty of interesting takeaways and items to think about without a doubt.  Enjoy! We certainly did.

Learn more about Matthew Woodward using the following links as well:

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Episode 39: Top 10 Must Have Elements for a High Ranking Location Page

There are a lot of factors that go into a high ranking, high converting landing page that caters to a location.  We’ve catered to this topic in the past, but this was a great fresher for us.  We break it down and what we discussed will definitely help with your geo efforts, even if there are just 2-3 elements you were missing before.
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Episode 38: How to Use Schema for SEO

Schema is a topic worth exploring on its own, and that’s why we did it!
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Episode 37: How to Build an SEO Department in 2019

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